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Above and below: Fabulous bike trip in Cedarville & Yellow Springs, OH. The bike system is totally paved and the countryside is amazing. But, of course, it's the people I was with that made the trip so memorable!! Pics by Diana Shoff and Cheryl Long Haberstock.  

One additional post on our ride from Pittsburgh to D.C. This is Don Lewis. Don is a native of Connelsville, where he has lived all his life. Don joined the Yough River Trail Riders after his wife of over 60 years passed away. At 82 years old (or young in Don's case),  he is the oldest member of our riding group, but by no means the slowest.
Papa Don, as we affectionately refer to him, has become the shining example of never being too old to keep pushing yourself to reach your goals. He is the most physically fit 80 year old we have ever met and we all want to grow up to be just like him. He was our inspitation to make keep going mile after mile. He made the trip look easy. (Diana Shoff)

​​Day 9- Last Day
Leesburg to Washington, District of Columbia - 42 miles
The hardest part of today was finding our way along the C&O once we arrived in Georgetown. The National Park Service is repairing the canal in this area but neglected to put up any detour signs so we were left on our own to ride up and down streets trying to find our way. But we managed and even found the elusive 0 marker hidden in the weeds behind the Thompson boat house. 

Day 6
Little Orleans to Williamsport for a total of 46 miles 
Today we took a break from the C&O and enjoyed the pavement of the Western Maryland Rail Trail for 22.5 miles. Highlights of today's ride included the pre-revolutionary fort at Fort Frederick State Park, Four Locks, Little Slackwater and the Conococheague Aqueduct.
We passed the 100 mile marker which means we now have less than 100 miles left to reach our final destination. 

1. Riders at West Newton

2. Ohiopyle - Cucumber Falls

3.  Ohiopyle

4. Arch near Connellsville

5. Break Time

6. Old train station

Day 3:  Ohiopyle to Meyersdale. 42.5 miles. And yes I am going to count the .5 miles as they were there were some tough ones today. Long climb out of Confluence to Rockwood on a soft trail. But, the weather Gods are still smiling on us because it was a perfect day in Pa.
Ate lunch at Opera House in Rockwood, rescued two damsels in distress by changing a flat tire for them
All 13 riders continue to do great. Having fun.

2017-02-24 Members of the Yough River Trail Riders enjoy their first group ride of the year! What a beautiful day!

Today , July 29th, members of the Yough River Trail Riders started their quest to complete the 335 mile ride from Pittsburgh to D.C.  We hope to make a daily post for those who might be interested in doing the journey yourself, for those who have done the trip and want to relive it again, and those who only want to live it vicariously. Today we traveled 36 miles from the Point in Pittsburgh to West Newton. All pictures by Diana Shoff.

Day 4: Myersdale to Cumberland. 32 miles
8 miles up to the Continental Divide and then we coasted the rest of the way into Cumberland. Not hardly but we did get a much needed relief from yesterday.
Today's trail highlights included Bollman Bridge, Keystone Viaduct, Continental Divide, Big Savage Tunnel, Mason Dixon Line, Borden Tunnel, Brush Tunnel, and the bone cave.

Day 5. Cumberland to Little Orleans- 45 miles 
Our first day on the C&O Canal Tow Path was a bit of a challenge as there is a detour around the Paw Paw tunnel. The detour involves pushing your fully loaded bicycle up and over Sorrel ridge on a 1.6 mile hiking trail. Some of the group chose to be shuttled around it. Right now my glutes are thinking that might of been a better choice.

​Day 7 -Williamsport to Harper's Ferry- 46 miles
Day 8 -Harper's Ferry to Leesburg- 28 miles
We have hit the weather lottery. Both days were absolutely beautiful. Only had one flat tire and that was in the room at the hotel. Go figure. Everyone is doing fantastic.

Day 2: West Newton to Ohiopyle. 44 miles for the day. 
Today we left West Newton with 12 riders and picked up one more at the KOA near Connelsville. So that gives us 13 for the remaining trip. Weather was near perfect today with very low humidity. Waterfalls were spectacular because of all the rain on Friday night and Saturday

1.Mud of the C & O

2. Beautiful house

3.Boats exploring the C & O

4.Inside Lockhouse that can be rented for the night

5.Towpath and horses

6.Great Falls of the Potomac

7.Happy group at the end of their journey

​8. With Marilyn McKinley, Lorrie Hunker, Maria Hixsonand Norman McKinley.

Yough River Trail Riders

1.Leaving Cumberland

2. Bench-quiet

3.One of many locks and houses along towpath

4.Riding into Old Town

5. Entrance to Paw Paw

6.Towpath Detour

7..Quite a workout

8. We made it to the TOP

9.Town Hill B & B

10.Morning sunrise

​1. Bollman Bridge

2. Keystone Viaduct

3. Continental Divide

4. Big Savage Tunnel

​5. Mason Dixon Line

6. Borden Tunnel

7. Brush Tunnel

​8. Bone cave

​​​​     Bill Hurrianko is WYTC's leader of the organized rides which began in 2009.  If you are interested in  having others to ride with, this is the way to be active, feel safe along the trail and to make new  friends.    Rides are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and either Friday or Saturday with anywhere  from 6 - 23 riders for a 30-mile round trip.  

The Thursday rides are reserved for beginners or those who just want a shorter, slower ride. Thursday rides have a pace of 8 to 10 miles per hour and a distance of 15 to 20 miles.  The rides on other days are of lengths from 20 to 40 miles, with a pace of 10 to 12 miles per hour average speed depending on the group that assembles.

All rides begin at 9:00 and leave from the West Newton  Station with the exception of Tuesday's ride which may begin in Whitsett, Connellsville, Ohiopyle,  Confluence, McKeesport, the Ghost Town Trail or other starting points.  In 2013 we rode from  Pittsburgh to Cumberland over several days and from Cumberland to D.C. the following year.  A ride is  just not a ride but usually includes stops along the way.   For example, when riding from Connellsville to  Ohiopyle, we may stop at the Ohiopyle Bakery or Fall's Market and upon returning to Connellsville  have  a late lunch at the Italian Oven.  In June, we cycled to the Three Rivers Arts Festival, took  advantage of  the valet parking for bikes, and spent several hours enjoying the food and activities.    Twenty-five  members of the group traveled to Ohio in September and spent several days riding trails  and also visited the Air Force Museum. 

     We keep in touch during the off season by meeting for lunch on the second Thursday during January,  February and March with the first lunch of 2017 to be held at Rodney’s near Irwin.  We finish out the  riding season with a Christmas party.  The 2016 Christmas Party was held at Caporella's Restaurant in  Uniontown.  As you can see we don't just ride, but also enjoy eating!

     If interested, leave your name and email at the West Newton Station and you will be contacted.  To be  included on our email list you must do an initial ride and be a member of the Westmoreland Yough Trail  Chapter, the volunteer group which maintains the Westmoreland County section of trail, part of the  Great Allegheny Passage.  Or, contact Bill Hurrianko at the following email: youghriders@comcast.net. 

1.Our bikes are ready to go-Trail marker at Pt. State Park-beginning of our trip.

2. Dravo Cemetery 

3.Bill Miedel, Karen Craig, Cheryl Haberstock, Karen Urso, Diana Shoff, Maria Hixson

4.Bridge of the Mon in McKeesport

5. Edgar Thompson Works-last steel mill in Pgh.

6. Fly over bridge in Homestead

7. Pgh skyline from Station Square

8. Pumphouse in Homestead; site of Homestead strike in 1892

9. Smokestacks of former steel mill in Homestead

10. Carrie Blast Furnace

 Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride. ~John F. Kennedy