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​Marty Polando, Joe and Joann Sciulli 

Kathy, Samantha, Kevin and Tim Aaron

Andrea, Kevin and Xavier, Greensburg, 20 mile

​Bill Hurrianko, Harry Morrison, Dave Hamilton.

2016-09-14 Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald and his family in front of West Newton Station on a beautiful, sunny day. Picture by Leslie Pierce.

The Fixit Repair Station in #CedarCreekPark being used by a cyclist from Colorado during his trip from D.C. to Pittsburgh. The Fixit Repair Station was purchased by the Westmoreland Yough Trail Chapter and installed by the Maintenance Crew at Cedar Creek Park. The park is part of the Westmoreland County Park System.

Pics by Diana Shoff at Whitsett Rest Stop. 

​Floyd Macheska, Owner of The West Newton Bike Shop and Bill Hurrianko, President of WYTC

Saturday May 14, 2016.  

Congratulations to the Fox's 5K -10K-2 Mile Fun Walk participants!  Click HERE for Winner Names.

​Pettinato Family-Greensburg, 12 mile; Western PA Rails to Trails Group (with winner of Bike-Bob Ward of McKeesport; Herb, Deb, and Rick Aumer-Ruffsdale, 20 mile)

2016-09-30.  24 members of the Yough River Riders traveled to Ohio to bike the #MiamiValleyOhioBikeways. While there, we visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Picture by Diana Shoff.

Connie Marano, M​aria Hixson, Donna Blasko.

Riders line up their wet and muddy bikes while stopping for food and drink with friends along the GAP-West Newton Station.

Toni Rotondo

 Extended version

​Mr. Martin and the Rider Family

Chris, Tim Aaron, Kathy, Tom and Samantha

L-R: Vandermers (Barbara, Kevin, Bob of Rostraver and Irwin; Mark Spagnoli and Rob Alexander of N. Huntingdon; Ted Harhai (State Representative) with Rowan Reid and Bill Hurrianko) 

Carol Biandhi, Sandy Cover, Lori Luppold ; Shirleah and Keith Kelly.

Leslie Pierce and Mamie Sawdy

Kent Banas and John  Clites;   Rik Pankiewicz, Bob Hand and Bill Miedel.

2016-09-21.  The Over the Hill Gang installed a fence today to keep riders ON the trail.  Thank You!  Pic by Bob Hand.

L-Front to back: Bob Barker, Scottdale, 12 mile; Denise Wagner, Scottdale 12 mile; Bonnie J Dick-Blythdale -12 mile; R: Back to front: Marcia Wagner-Mt. Pleasant (Walk), Joyce Ziance-Greensburg, 20 mile, Lorrie Hunker, Scottdale-12 mile; Chad Miedel, Scottdale, 20 mile).   ​Middle Picture:  Moon Family - Monessen and part of Right picture;  Right: The Olbrys of Rostraver.


The Safety Bollards are being installed using money from the Westmoreland Yough Trail Chapter Treasury and a grant from the National Road Heritage Corridor/DCNR Mini-Grant Program. The first bollard,seen here in the picture, was installed near mile marker 113 near Buddtown. The bollards consist of a 3 inch diameter, 43 inch high steel pole mounted on an elastic base that allows it to "give" if struck. The outer covering consists of l 1/2 inch thick foam and a vinyl cover for visibility. The Safety Bollards will lessen the possibility of injury if accidentally struck by cyclists.

Poker Run Winners: each received $50 (L-R)

4 Mile Walk: Madalynn Lancy, Charleroi (no picture)

12 Mile Poker Hand: Kelli Barbera, Smithton

20 Mile Poker Hand: Mark Spagnoli, N. Huntingdon

50/50 drawing: Jim Greco, California, PA won $598.00!!!

Carol Bianchi 

Rail Car renovated inside

Chad Miedel; Dave and Winnie Davis, Judy and Bill Lash -Smithton, (12 Mile) and Walk;  Linda Natho-West Mifflin (20 Mile)

2016-06-05. Trail Appreciation Day Photos

Pictures by Donna Morrison

2016-06-05. Read about how the volunteers along the WYTC - West Newton section of the GAP meet each week to ride, and identify areas of the trail that need work. "Local volunteer chapters maintain Yough River Trail" - Standard Observer, by Christopher Buckley. 

Larry "Mo" Meinert, George Sievern; Jim Logan,; Colleen Babilya with 50-50 drawing.

2016-09-29.  Congratulations to Bob Hand on reaching your riding milestone of 100,000 miles! ​

Mary Reid, Dolly Balogh; Bill Hurrianko, Harry Morrison

Maria Hixson, Donna Morrison, Bob Hand

Jack Zewan, Jim Lockschmidt, Jim Logan.


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 What's New???  Check out these videos produced by the  Laurel Highlands Visitor's Center. 

Roll Your Bike on The Capitol Limited

Offering more Service on The Capitol Limited.  Read more HERE about how traveling with bikes is more convenient on AMTRAK servicing areas along the GAP.​​

2016-07-07 GAP Visitors:  stop by GAP milepost 114 (across from the Trail Side Restaurant on the GAP Trail) and view the boulder with plaque acknowledging The 1st Over The Hill Gang members who contributed their time and efforts over a 20-year period to improving and maintaining the Westmoreland County section of the GAP. Of course there have been many more WYTC members who continued their work. The WYTC  especially thanks Tim Aaron for meeting with Frank Szczerba (Szczerba Excavating-West Newton-who donated the boulder) to coordinate and move the boulder from the maintenance building to its current location and for carving out the niche for the plaque. Thanks to Bob Hand for helping him cement it. A special thanks to the current Over The Hill Gang members who provided support and ideas on moving and balancing the boulder. This is team work at its best.     Pictures by Bob Hand.          

Joe and Joanne, Marilyn and Norm McKinley, Bill Hurrianko.

Pics by Shirleah Kelly at Cedar Creek Rest Stop and Trail Head.

  AMTRAK News Release - OFFERING MORE SERVICE ON THE  CAPITOL LIMITED.   READ MORE HERE how traveling with bikes is  more convenient on AMTRAK servicing areas along the GAP. 

 Details and pictures HERE.

​​​​News for Trail Users of the Westmoreland Yough Trail Chapter and the

 Great Allegheny Passage

Dave Hamilton, Dorothy Hamilton, Harry Morrison, Donna Morrison, Carol Bianchi

2016 - 09-05 Poker Run Pictures

​Pics by Donna Morrison

2016-10. Over The Hill Gang cleaning drainage ditch at Buddtown. Picture by Bob Hand.

Joe and Joanne Sciulli; Leslie Pierce, Donna and Harry Morrison

Frank Jaworowski and Dave Hamilton; brothers-in-law Harrold Phares-Smithton and Jason Wade-Uniontown, 12 mile; Begeman Family and David -Manor.

 2016-05-27.  Bob Hand, director of Westmoreland Yough Trail  Chapter, is seated where the paved road meets the  Youghiogheny River in Cedar Creek Park, Rostraver  Township. Picture by Scott Beveridge/Observer Reporter, Mon Valley. Read full article about The Yough River Trail as a wonderful asset in the Mon Valley, including pictures near Cedar Creek, Westmoreland County.

Holly Gross, Dave Michley, Mike Green, Greg Banchiere- American Red Cross. Dave Michley in two other photos.  Oct. 1,2016-Ride For The Red. The Steel Towns Trail Ride will allow riders to enjoy the trail alongside the Youghiogheny and Monongahela Rivers.

2016-12-12 Christmas Party Pictures

Rowan Reid, Dorothy Hamilton, Harry Morrison, Carol Bianchi

Mary Reid, Dorothea Motto, Dolly Balogh. Thanks for all the wonderful hot dogs, sauerkraut, snacks and cookies!

Becky Nichols -Belle Vernon,Bernice Blasko-Charleroi, Bill Schmidt-California; Bob Kucmeroski (20 Mile) and Jack Howell (12 mile), both of Monessen; Betzy and Duke Leeper with dog.

Pam from Tallahassee.

Harry Morrison, Rowan Reid, George and Moe.

Bill Hurrianko, Marilyn and Norm McKinley

Mike Balogh and Becky Nichols

dedicated volunteers enjoying camaraderie

L-R: Floyd Macheska, owner of West Newton Bicycle Shop, Bob Ward of McKeesport, winner of bike donated by West Newton Bicycle Shop, and Bill Hurrianko, President o f WYTC.

 2016-01-28   GREAT NEWS!!!
Governor Wolf Announces $28 Million DCNR Investment to Improve Recreation, Community Revitalization Efforts

 “Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn today announced an investment of $28 million for 176  projects across Pennsylvania that will create new recreational opportunities, conserve natural resources and help revitalize local  communities.”  
 Leslie Pierce, Business Manager for the RTC and Treasurer for the WYTC, wrote the DCNR Grant totaling $247,900. These monies will be  used to rehabilitate the Yough River Trail section of the Great Allegheny Passage (GAP) in Allegheny County.  Congratulations to Leslie! This  means that new crushed limestone will be used to rehabilitate the 11.2 miles along with ADA access, landscaping, project signage, and  more. For more information visit this LINK (list of all grants) or this LINK for Press Release.

Leslie and Ron Pierce; Janice Hand, John and Maria Hixson

Leslie Pierce, Donna Morrison, Jo Sciulli, Harry Morrison; Mara Sawdy and  Scott Babilya; Rest stop pics from Frank Jaworowski at Buddtown with Maria Hixson and Mary Hluben.

​Maria Hixson and Sally Hurrianko

 Short version

Shauna Lynch and niece Kayle Elizabeth.  Shauna won the New Member Basket worth over $70 in GAP items found in our store along the GAP-West Newton Trail.

Jim Lockschmidt helping rider with the mud. 

Tim Aaron after event.

Rowan Reid imploring whomever for the rain to stop!

Pics by Frank Jaworowski at Buddtown Rest Stop  with Maria Hixson and Mary Hluben.

2016-11-10. Tim Aaron removing tree stumps from the drainage along the trail. Picture by Jim Logan.

Jim Logan, Charlie Carey, Jack Zewan, Tim Aaron, Jim Lockschmidt.

Judy from Brazil and brother Tim from Philadelphia riding from Cumberland to Pittsburgh.

Jim Lockschmidt, Bob Hand, Harry Morrison