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      As we traverse the WYTC, we often think about how the trail was formed, who  was involved and what was needed to transform it from a rail bed to a trail for biking and walking.  Please read the Feature Story – The Original Over The Hill  Gang.

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The  purpose of this article is to pay tribute to the men and women who  made  this happen  – The Original Over The Hill Gang. (OOTHG).

Then view their names and pictures (when  available) below.  Please feel free to send pictures to webadmin@bikewytc.org of anyone not identified who was a  member of this group. 

Paul Hamilton

 Please read the following news articles submitted by Caz Liszewski about the  early  days of the WYTC.

Three WYTC Presidents: L-R: Harry Morrison, Rowan Reid, Ron Bobby

Ron Bobby and Franklin Reese

Jack Prpich

​Rowan Reid, Jim Linaberger, Bob McKinley

John Moran

Harry and Donna Morrison on right; Mary Reid left

​​Caz and Terry Liszewski; Terry with Marilyn Cusick

Bill Kretchun center right in blue jacket and Jim Ritenour in front

Dave and Dorothy Hamilton; Dave and Caz Liszewski

Jack and Marilyn Cusick

Jack 3rd from left; Mary Reid in front of Bob McKinley

Ron and Carol Bobby

Rick and Carol Bianchi

​​From Donna Morrison “He was so conscientious about Trail activities, developing strategies to promote growth and usage, and engaging community volunteers and trail users to join together and make the trail enjoyable for all.” When Donna was employed as the Director of Career Services at Saint Vincent College, she provided the RTC with students who served as interns under Bob’s supervision.  

​​​​The Original Over The Hill Gang: 

(Early 1990’s to around 2005) 

 ​Bob McKinley (deceased).  Bob was the first WYTC Manager and worked from 1994-2004.       According to Peggy Pings, an Outdoor Recreation Planner and Program Manager of the WV Field  Office of the Rivers Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program of the National Park Service “Bob  really spearheaded the development of the Yough River Trail in 1991, and led the way in taking creative steps to try to new ideas.  Bob shared a big vision of broadening the net to expand the trail system with linking rail-trails, something we are still working on with the Power of 32+ Regional Trail Initiative across 53 counties in the 5 states of PA, WV, OH, NY, MD.  His great spirit moved others to join in and take ownership of their trail segments.  He was an inspiration to me.  I’ll always remember Bob’s easy smile and laugh and the twinkle in his eyes that would go into slits of laughter!  He was always so supportive too.  He made the place a better place.”

The Original Over The Hill Gang
By Donna Morrison

 Group Pictures

Also, we recognize the following OOTHG members for which we have no pictures: 

Al Moore

Joe Harash Sr.

Rowan and Mary Reid; Harry and Donna Morrison with Rowan and Mary Reid