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  108.5  Bench from daughters Jules and Jessica to fathers Tim  Georgalas and Jesse McNurlen as a Christmas present.

  107.32  Memorial Bench in Memory of Lauren, Matt, and       Stephanie.  (Nora and Stuart Thompson)

  113.01 Bench donated by the Over  The Hill Gang

 Crossing Road is Pa Route 136.  To the west is PA  Route 51.  To the East is downtown West Newton and  PA Route 31.

 Route 136 is the busiest and most dangerous road  crossing on the Yough River Trail.  Stop, dismount  and  walk your bike across the road.

 When crossing the bridge into West Newton, local  ordinances require you to either ride on the street or  walk your bike on the sidewalk. This includes the


  114.82   Covered picnic table donated   by the Belle Vernon Rotary

  116  Covered picnic table donated   by West Newton Rotary  

  115.6   Flat Bench  

  115.5   Flat Bench  

 115.4  Kennedy Country Bench - Plaque Missing 

  114.9  Covered picnic table donated   by the West Newton Rotary 

 114.8 Slovenian Benefit Singing Society  Bench - Plaque Missing 

 113.87  Stacy L. Stack Memorial Covered Picnic Table

 113.82  Bench donated by the Modern Woodmen of America

  113.84  West Newton Station/Regional Trail Corp.  Visitor's Center 

​ Parking in two lots on either end of station holds  approximately 30 cars. Station has restrooms and  water  fountain, GAP and WYTC merchandise  inside.  Open 11-4  May through October.

  113.83  Bench donated by Sam and Sandy Cover

  113.80   Bench - Plaque Missing

  113.9  Bench donated by the Downtown  West Newton, Inc.  Beautification

  113.9  Jim Buck Memorial Bench 

  113.9  Seating Plaza and Bicycle Parking 

  113.8  Stan Sanner Memorial Bench  

  111.9    Bench - Plaque Missing  

 113.8  Macheska Family Memorial Bench  

 113.7 Arthur King Trail Head - West Newton, PA 

 Bike shop and restaurant at the Trail Head.  Several  other restaurants and businesses in  downtown West  Newton, across the bridge.

  113.6   Bench donated by Modern  Woodmen of America  

  113.5    Ted and Edna Aaron Memorial Bench  

  113.5   Tom Waltonbaugh Memorial Bench  

  113.3   Don Pezze Memorial Bench  

 113.2  Tom Waltonbaugh/Grandson Ronnie  Dibiase Memorial Bench  

  113.2  Ted Wojtaszek Memorial Bench  

  113.06  Mark McCusker Memorial Bench  

  113.05 Cover picnic table donated    by Belle Vernon Rotary  

  112.3   Bench - Plaque Missing 

  119.9   Bench donated by Over The Hill Gang  

 111.5    Bench - Plaque  Missing

  111.3   Robert Y. Osborne Memorial Bench

  111.1   Covered Picnic Table donated by Belle Vernon Rotary

  110.9   Bench - Plaque Missing

  110.8 Memorial Bench  - Plaque Missing

  110.6   Jack Mullen Memorial Bench  

  110.5   Blazing Trails Bench  

  110.4   Blazing Trails Bench  

  110  Cedar Creek County Park Trailhead

 Road out of the Park (uphill) leads to PA Route 51 and I 70.  Trail camping area at south end of park. Raised beds for tents  and two Adirondack shelters available. (One such shelter  built by Eagle Scout Garrett  Hawkins)  No reservations; first  come, first serve.  Several water fountains and restroom  available along the Trail.  Motels and fast food  approx. 2  miles from park on PA  Route 51. ​

  109.6  Joseph P. Kopanic Memorial Bench

  109.5   Happy Biking Memories Al and  LaVere Lami

  109.5   H. Blaine Howenstein Memorial Bench

  109.4  Jeffrey Bobby Memorial Bench

  109.3  Unmarked flat top bench

  109.0   Dan Ament Memorial Bench

  109.0   Covered picnic table constructed by  Eagle Scout  Ryan Greenawalt

  108.8   Unmarked flat top bench 

  108.6    Interstate 70 Bridge

  108.3    Eugene Wisniewski Memorial Bench

  107.84    Smithton Trailhead

​​ Ramp out of parking area  goes to Route 891. To the left across the  river is SMITHTON home of Shirley Jones and former home of  the  Jones Brewery, maker of Stoney's and Esquire beer.  To the right  PA Route 891 connects to PA Route 51. 

 107.55  Covered picnic bench donated by Belle Vernon Rotary   

  107.5  Angus Hamilton Memorial Bench No. 1​

  107.84    Joe Kavulick Memorial Bench

  105.4    Covered picnic table constructed by Eagle Scout Ryan Greenawalt    

  106.1    Angus Hamilton Memorial Bench  No.2 

  107.62    SSGT. Joseph Harash Jr. Memorial Bench

  106.1   Covered picnic table donated by the Belle Vernon  Rotary and built by Eagle Scout Travis  Smith 

  105.5  Charles Yachup Memorial Bench

 Location of Covered Picnic Tables and Memorial Benches

​GAP Mile Marker and Amenity

​Amenities Along The Westmoreland (WYTC) Section of the GAP​​

Many useful structures have been installed by either our volunteer maintenance crew or local Eagle Scouts. They provide rest stops or places to get out of a rainstorm and are in the form of covered picnic tables and memorial benches. Most are at or near the Pennsylvania and Lake Erie Railroad concrete mile markers.  Those markers are within 0.1 mile of the GAP mile markers.